How about a Let it snow snowman cookie?

The Bearfoot Baker:

I found this cookie platter at an after Christmas sale several years ago. I loved it so much I bought two. I really wish I could remember where I got it.  I love that little snowman. I actually love all snowmen but this little guy melts my heart every time I see him. He is one of the first winter decorations I drag out and one of the last I pack away. This year, I decided to make him into a cookie. Why not? If something makes you happy why not have a cookie version of it?

I really like the way he turned out. He is so cute! I cut the dough 2 different ways to show you there is more than one way to build a snowman. The first thing I did was make a template so I could get the right size.

You don’t have to do this step but it is necessary for me. Sometimes my “go big or go home” attitude doesn’t work. In this case, I didn’t want to make an abominable snowman so I had to go with a template!


Well, the big guy is kinda cute but he doesn’t match my platter.

 Supplies you need:

Football cutter

Candy corn cutter

A medicine cup

White outline and flood icing

Dark brown outline icing

Light brown flood Icing

Orange outline icing

Blue outline and flood icing (or any color you want for the scarf)

Pink Petal Dust for the cheeks

Americolor Edible Marker

Small food safe paintbrush

I strongly suggest a Boo Boo Stick from Karen’s Cookies for the tiny white dots on the star cookie or you can use a toothpick.

Now that I have my template, I need to find cutters that will work.

I used a football for the head, a candy corn for the body and I didn’t have a small circle or oval that would work so I grabbed a medicine cup. I gave each of them a good squeeze to get them the shape I needed. When I cut the feet I dipped my cup in flour so the dough will come out easier. Please don’t give me the credit of dreaming this up. I found how to squeeze and squish cutters from the master, SweetSugarBelle. She is amazing at stretching cutters to make any cookie she wants.


When you make the feet be careful not to put them to close together. If they are too close they will not look good.

If you prefer to hand cut here is how you do it. You can download the pattern from my freebie page.

Roll your dough out and put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes to get it really cold. Place you image on it and cut around it with your knife. That is all you have to do! See you thought it would be hard. If you do multiple snowmen, you might have to place the dough back in the freezer. When it becomes warm it gets soft and your knife will tear it instead of cutting it.

No matter which method you use to cut out your snowman, you will end up with the same results in the end. Are you ready to create?

Using your white outline icing, outline the entire cookie.

Next, use your white flood icing to flood.

Now comes the part I know you are going to hate!! WAIT!! Let him dry overnight.

If you rush this part it might bleed. Remember the penguin’s nose?

Now with your dark brown and blue outline icing, outline the scarf and star. I used a small star cookie cutter and outlined it with an edible marker to make the star the size I want.


Now with your light brown icing you can flood the inside of the star. But be ready to work fast because we are going to do a wet on wet technique for the chocolate chips. Wet on wet is when you add icing to icing that is not dry yet. As soon as you flood the cookie with the light brown, use your dark brown outline icing to make dots for the chocolate chips.

I added about 6 dots with the dark brown.

Next, I squeezed a small amount of brown and white outline icing onto a piece of parchment paper.

Then, I dipped my Boo Boo Stick into the brown and gently touched the cookie. Repeat with the white to give it more depth.

Now, with your blue food icing you can flood the scarf except for the part shown above. Let the small end and the horizontal part dry about 30 minutes before you food the last end. It will give you more of a 3D look.

While the blue is wet, use the white outline icing to make lines on the scarf.

Now wait a little while for it to dry.

 Next, with the white outline icing, outline the arms, head and body.

Now, with the white flood icing, flood the arms.

Next, use the orange icing to make a dot for the nose.

For the cheeks, use a small paint brush to apply the Pink Petal Dust to the cheeks. You want to make sure your base icing is dry so you don’t poke a hole it with the brush. Just dip the brush in petal dust and rub it onto the snowman’s cheeks in a small circle until you reach the shade you want.

Now, using the blue flood icing, flood the other end of the scarf.


 While it scarf end is wet use the white outline icing to add the stripes.

Add the eyes and you are all done!

 If you live where you can go outside any time you want and build a snowman, I am super jealous! I want to live in Alaska but dear hubby won’t go for it. I think I am wearing him down. But for now, I will just have to settle expressing myself with sugar!

Happy creating




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