Back to Basics: Reasons for Making Your Own Bread.

No Thyme to Waste


I can’t take credit for the recipe that I’m about to give you for the bread pictured above, however I can refer you to Dan Lepard’s book; The Art of Handmade Bread, Contemporary European Recipes for the Homebaker. This is a fantastic find, at a staggering $20.00 CAD! (Go buy it, seriously.) Lepard has a skill for sharing the stories of local, Northern and Eastern European bakers through his short profiles and photography. How their cultural and family histories have affected their bread baking skills and traditions over generations, as well as their reasoning behind the uses of certain ingredients. Much emphasis on the concept of ‘zero waste’. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why a ‘zero waste’ policy has been adopted over past centuries, however; I find that in North America we tend to forget the past so easily, and have such a knack for ignoring…

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