B(re)aking Bread 2 – San Francisco Sourdough Style

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In my previous B(re)aking Bread post I gave you my all time favorite Classic White Bread recipe from Gold Medal Flour. You can find that blog and recipe here: https://lizstevensart.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/breaking-bread/


I neglected to say that because I am usually only baking for two people, I most often halve that recipe and bake a single loaf, as a second would go stale before we could finish the first (home baked=no preservatives). I could freeze loaf #2 but I abhor frozen bread. Freezing dries out the loaf and totally changes the texture. Call me a bread snob, but I refuse to put all that effort into making homemade bread, just to throw it in the freezer and wreck it! So for one loaf, just divide the ingredient quantities in half. Easy peasy.

Onward to Sourdough land!!


Okay, okay… since I don’t live in San Francisco, I can’t technically callit ‘San Francisco…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog! Glad you liked my post. Hope you and your followers enjoy the bread. Let me know how it turn out!! -Liz 🙂

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