About Us

bg-blueberries.jpgBaking Gifts from the Oven is a baking co-op;  serving residents of Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek, AZ.

Baking Co-Ops are popping up in towns and cities coast to coast and buying product in bulk for our baking sessions really saves money.

Some members find it convenient to meet prior to major holidays like: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and the 4th of July. Other members find that a monthly gathering with friends and family is a great way to enjoy each other’s company, share recipes and bake some delicious meals that can be enjoyed now or popped away in the freezer for later.

Groups can create festive holiday desserts, healthy treats; family favorites, whatever the individual groups decide.

pie quiche1Best of all a beautifully illustrated cookbook will be created at the end of the year featuring our favorite recipes. Baking Gifts from the Oven cookbook is a wonderful and useful keepsake and is perfect for gift giving too.

Get newsletters, recipes and interesting food history without spending a fortune.  Did I mention we are also a very social group!

Join Baking Gifts from the Oven , it’s the best bargain in town, costing just $15.00** for a full year membership.food-blueberry-muffins1.jpg

**Event/Supply Fees will apply.

*A division of Skipping Stars Productions LLC


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